What is precipitation in chemistry?

precipitation in chemistry

Introduction A chemical reaction is a reaction that changes the molecular structure of matter resulting in the formation of new matter with one or more different properties. For example, electrolysis of water mixed with a small amount of acid dissolves the water and produces hydrogen and oxygen. Their properties are completely different from the properties … Read more

Metal and non-metal on the periodic table

Metal and non-metal on the periodic table

Introduction The periodic table contains a total of 118 elements so far. All of these elements are broadly classified as metal and non-metal on the periodic table. Besides these, there is another section of elements called as a metalloid. More than 75% at the left and middle part of the periodic table are metal. The … Read more

Solid, liquid and gas: Three states of matter

solid, liquid and gas

Introduction Solid, liquid and gas are the three states of matter. Now a simple question arises in our mind what is a matter? Therefore, matter is simply defined as having mass and volume and occupying space. It also shows gravitational force and obstructing the use of force. In everyday life, we see many different things … Read more