N-terminus and C-terminus in protein

N terminus and c terminus in protein

Introduction The Carboxyl group (-COOH) of one amino acid is attached to the amino group of another amino acid by a covalent bond called a peptide bond. When a peptide bond forms a water molecule is eliminated. Each amino acid unit in the peptide is known as the residue. All peptides have two ends, amino-terminal … Read more

Decomposers in grassland: Role and types

Decomposers in grassland

Introduction Decomposers in grassland refer to the microorganisms of the grassland region that decomposed the animal’s and plant’s bodies. Grassland is an area where different types of plants, animals, and microorganisms live and they are related to each other. All the animals present in grassland depend on plants for food. Decomposers depend on the carcasses … Read more

Grassland ecosystem: Types, biotic and abiotic factors

Grassland Ecosystem

Introduction There are different types of ecosystems depending on the temperature and other abiotic factors.  Every ecosystem has different types of organisms based on abiotic factors. To sustain their lives these organisms depend upon each other for food and other live-sustaining sources. An interaction between living and non-living elements in any environment forms a system … Read more

Structure of diamond

Structure of diamond

What is the structure of the diamond? Diamond is an allotrope of carbon it is solid in nature. A solid is a state of matter where the molecules are in close arrangement with one another and have a specific structure. Besides diamonds, there are other allotropes of carbon namely graphite, fullerenes, and charcoal. Diamond is … Read more

Desert ecosystem: Types and components

Desert ecosystem types

Introduction The desert ecosystem is one of the major ecosystems on the earth. Desert ecosystem types are warm, cold, and semi-arid. About 17% of the earth’s surface is covered by the desert ecosystem. Earth is a planet consisting of the atmosphere, ecosystems, and various elements. There are deserts in almost every continent of the world. … Read more