Monosaccharide examples and definition

monosaccharide examples
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Monosaccharide Definition

Monosaccharides are known as simple sugars with a formula Cn (H2O)n. In Greek the word monosaccharide means (mono-one and saccharide- sugar). they are the simplest group of carbohydrates that can not be hydrolyzed more. The definition of monosaccharide is such sugars that on hydrolysis yield no further lower sugars. The following articles are about classifications and monosaccharide examples.

Monosaccharides classification

Based on the functional group they are classified into the following

Aldoses: here the functional group is aldehyde examples are glyceraldehyde and glucose.

Ketoses: here the functional group is keto examples are dihydroxyacetone and fructose.

Number of carbonsAldosesKetoses
3Aldotriose Glycerose CHO-CHOH-CH2OHKetotriose or triulose Dihydroxyacetone CH2OH-CO-CH2OH
4Aldotetrose Erythrose CHO- (CHOH)2-CH2OHKetoterose or terulose Erythrulose CH2OH-CO-CHOH-CH2OH
5Pentose or Aldopentose Ribose CHO-(CHOH)3-CH2OHPentulose or Ketopentose Ribulose CH2OH-CO-(CHOH)2-CH2OH
6Hexose or aldohexose Glucose CHO-(CHOH)4-CH2OHHexulose or Ketohexose Fructose CH2OH-CO-(CHOH)3-CH2OH

Based on the number of carbon atoms they are divided into

  1. Trioses with 3 C or 3 carbon atoms.
  2. Tetroses with 4 C or 4 carbon atoms.
  3. Pentose with 5 C or 5 carbon atoms.
  4. Hexose with 6 C or six carbon atoms.
  5. Heptose with 7 C or 7 carbon atoms.

Some monosaccharide examples and their source, biochemical importance are as follows

MonosaccharidesSourceBiochemical functions
Trioses Glyceraldehyde (an aldose) Dihydroxyacetone (a ketose)Found in the cell as a phosphateBoth are intermediate in the glycolysis cycle.
Tetroses Erythrose ThreoseWidespreadYield tartaric and mesotartaric acids

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