Difference between Turtle and Tortoise

turtle vs tortoise


Turtle and tortoise both belong to the reptiles category. That is they are ranked between the amphibians and birds. The reptiles again are divided into four main groups namely turtles, the crocodilian, the lizards and snakes.

Turtle and tortoises are different from other reptiles as their bodies are surrounded by boney shell having horny shields. they all lay eggs and lives near freshwater or land.

  • The basic difference between turtle and tortoise is their type of habitat they are living in. besides that, they are almost the same with different names.
  • A turtle is a sea reptile whereas a tortoise is a land reptile.
  • Both the animals have shells with horny plates above-called carapace and soft skin is below known as plastron. the shell is known as the “Bony box”.
  • Both have lungs to breathe air.

Whereas both are the same having similarities in may ways like females of turtle and tortoise are generally larger in size and lay eggs during the night time and always lays the egg on the ground. Both have shells and are ectotherm animals that are cold-blooded animals it means the internal temperature varies as per the surrounding environments. both hibernate during the winter season.

Difference between Turtle and Tortoise

DifferencesTurtle Tortoise
Classification Class: Reptilla Clade: Testudinata Order: Testudines Class: Reptilla
Order: Testudines
Family: Testudinidae
Habitat Partly aquatic Land dwindling
Bodyweight Light Heavy
Size Small Big (few centimeters to 2 meters)
Life span 30 – 40 years Longest living land animal (80-150 years)
LimbsTurtles have limbs relatively except that the feet are webbed and often have long claws.Tortoise limbs are not flat like turtles.
Diet Jellyfish, sponges, aquatic plants and sometimes dead animals. Mostly herbivorous and some are omnivorous. Food includes mostly grass, leaves, flowers, fruits, worms, and insects.

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