Simple proteins structure and function

Simple proteins

Introduction Simple protein is a type of protein it is a biomacromolecule. Biomacromolecules are large in size, with a higher molecular weight of 10000 Daltons and above. There are different types of protein. And each protein has a specific structure and some functionality. Below is a discussion of simple proteins structure and function. Protein is … Read more

Mixed farming: Economical uses and advantages

mixed farming

Introduction The agricultural system is divided into several categories according to demand, supply, market, and production. Mixed farming is one of them. Farmers do crop production and livestock farming together on the same land in the hope of making more profit. This is a contrasting method of single cultivation, where the same crop is planted … Read more

Market gardening and its economical importance

market gardening

Introduction The word agriculture literally means cultivating the land. Agriculture is the first step in the development of human civilization. It is a special kind of economic activity and a productive function of human beings. Agriculture is the main livelihood of about 48% of the world’s population. There are different types of farming methods and … Read more

Freezing rain vs snow: Differences and definition

freezing rain vs snow

Introduction When water vapor in the atmosphere condenses and falls to the ground under gravitational force in a liquid and solid state, it is called precipitation. Precipitation does not mean rainfall. Rainfall is a form of precipitation. There are some other forms of precipitation like rainfall. Freezing rain and snow are two such forms. These … Read more

Population composition: definition and factors

population composition

Introduction Population refers to people living and interacting in a particular area or region. It is a very important factor for geographical boundaries. The population can not remain stable due to birth rate, death rate, migration, etc and therefore the concept of population is highly dynamic. Thus the population composition depends upon some important factors. … Read more

What are gastrointestinal hormones?

Gastrointestinal hormones

Introduction Gastrointestinal hormones are chemical messengers that regulate intestinal and pancreatic functions such as absorption, digestion, etc. The following is a detailed discussion of what gastrointestinal hormone is and how it works or its function. All hormones are small chemical messengers produced and released by one cell or group of cells and control or influence … Read more

What is plantation agriculture?

plantation agriculture

Introduction Agriculture is the primary economic activity of the people. It is one of the most important steps in the development of human beings from primitive civilization to modern civilization. The type of farming varies from place to place. There are various types of agricultural methods. Plantation agriculture is one of the most widely used … Read more

Conjugated proteins structure and functions

Conjugated proteins

Introduction Based on the complexity of structure there are three types of proteins. Conjugated protein is one of them it consists of simple proteins with some non-protein components. The non-protein group is known as the prosthetic group. Like other proteins, conjugated proteins have a specific structure and function which are discussed here (1). Protein is … Read more

What is the electron transport chain?

electron transport chain

Introduction The electron transport chain is one of the processes in cellular respiration. All the green plants synthesize carbohydrates via photosynthesis. This carbohydrate is further broken into simpler molecules. Enzymes present in cell cytoplasm and mitochondria of animals are used during carbohydrate molecule breakdown. This process involves a variety of steps like glycolysis in cytoplasms … Read more

What is Mediterranean agriculture?

Mediterranean agriculture

Introduction Agriculture has been a source of livelihood for a long time. In modern times the dependence on agriculture has decreased but most of the developing countries are still dependent on agriculture. Climate factors have an overall effect on a region’s agricultural system. According to climate changes, agriculture is divided into several categories and Mediterranean … Read more