Difference between National Park sanctuary and biosphere

National Park sanctuary biosphere


National Park, sanctuary, and biosphere reserve are made for the protection and conservation of wildlife. That is flora and fauna of that specific area.

In forest ecosystems the home for various animals, plants, insects, mammals, and reptiles. Humans due to their personal profit continuously destruct the ecosystem, as a result, the animal and plant species are getting extinct. To protect these species, governments of different countries made laws to protect wildlife and under which hunting wild animals and cutting trees is a legal crime.

Protected areas are classified under three types as per government rules and laws. These are completely for wildlife. These comprehensive networks of protected areas are therefore very essentials for natural conservation of wildlife. Which further managed with different objectives for the welfare of the society. These include national parks, sanctuaries, biosphere reserve, natural reserve.

National Park, sanctuary, and biosphere reserve difference

Natural Park Sanctuary Biosphere reserve
Natural parks provide the habitat for particular types of wild animals like lion, tigers, rhino, etc. Sanctuary is made for specific species. This is made for all the ecosystem-oriented life. This is not specific for one or two types of species.
The size of a national park ranges between 3000 sq. km The size of the sanctuary ranges between 7000 sq. km. The size of a biosphere reserve ranges between 5000 sq. km.
It has a confined boundary It does not have a confined boundary The biosphere reserve also has a confined boundary.
There is no specific work or law is there for the gene pool conservation. The sanctuary also does not have any law regarding the gene pool conservation Here is the biosphere reserve specific attention is given to conserving the gene pool.
Tourism is permissible Tourism is also permissible in the sanctuary Tourism is generally not permissible in the biosphere reserve.
There are three zones in the national park, except for the buffer zone, other zones do not permit any interference. Limited biotic interference is permitted. No biotic interference is permitted except for the buffer zone.

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